Wood cutting and processing

In our workshop we cut and process, with great precision, different types of materials:

Particle Board (chipboard) made from different types of wood chips that are bonded together with synthetic adhesive,under pressure, in three layers.There is plain chipboard, and refined, melamine veneered chipboard. Veneers are available in many colours, decors and textures, making the selection even greater. The most commonly used boards are 10mm, 18mm, 25mm and 36mm thick. Lately, there is a need to make the joints invisible. We achieve it by a special carpentry technique (cutting the wood edge under the angle of 45°).

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) -predominately made of beech, spruce or fir, with the addition of polymer resin. MDF does not have a finish,so it requires painting, veneering or laminating. MDF is a newer type of material, and due to its workability, there is fire retardantand moisture resistant MDF. There is also formaldehyde-free MDF, and so-called curved MDF, cut on one side which makes it easy to form arches.

Plywood – a very strong manufactured wood build-up of thin layers of wood veneer that are bondedin a cross-ply construction. In order to increase the strength and resistance veneers are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. Plies vary in thickness from 1.4 mm to 3.2 mm.

Solid wood– we process different types of massive wood and manufacture various pieces of furniture, including table and desk boards, cabinets and closets.

Compact – Compact panel is a multi-layered construction consisting of base and décor paper impregnated with melanin resin. Paper layers are bonded under high pressure and temperature. Compact panels are extremely resistant to mechanical damage and impervious to water. The core color can be black or white.

Edge Banding

Edge banding is a process of gluing a narrow strip of material used to enhance durability and protect the edges. The strips that we use are ABS, thick 0.4mm (for the base), 0.8mm and 1mm (for face frames) and 2mm (for tables and desks).The wood edging is done by a edgebander. Additionally, we find using different adhesive colours of a great importance.

When it comes to the white chipboard, only white adhesive is used, making the edge virtually seamless. With the colouredABS strips, transparent adhesive is used. The ABS trim edges, besides aesthetics, enhance functionality, durability and material resistance (to moisture and wearing of the edges). Edge banding provides high-functionality, visual and tactile quality of the end product.

Locksmithing and metalworking

The latest world trends have increased the use of metalwork in the furniture design. That’s why, besides the carpenter’s workshop, we have established the locksmith’s as well.

We offer cutting, attaching and bending of steel structures of various dimensions and diameters. All for the purpose of constructive solutions and additional elements in wooden furniture and panels, such as table and desk basis and legs, home libraries, kitchens and so on.

Constructions are joined by different types of welding; making sure it is practically imperceptible. Later on, the construction itself can be plasticized in desired colourfrom theRAL chart.

Wood painting

Our companyoffers painting services by polyurethane color chart. We have 22 years of experience and we use only the finest colours with matte finish, gloss, high-gloss, satin, metallic, wood stain, patina, old wood effect and the rest.

Besides wood cutting and processing of MDF boards and panels and massive wood, we also provide wood finishing. Finishing is the final step and it includes painting with different colours (polyurethane, polyester, and acrylic), lacquers and oils. Painting is done on flat and processed surface, veneered elements and solid wood. Colours are determined by RAL and NCS charts, and you can also choose the level of glossiness (matte, semi-glossy, glossy). The preparation process includes sanding and coating with the top-quality base. When it gets dried, paint is applied. Painting is done with the highest precision, in a specialized chamber, under controlled conditions. As a result, we obtain the highest surface quality. Afterwards, a final, protective coat is applied.


Our companyalso providesall kinds of upholstering services. We manufacture custom made padded furniture, and offer restoration of the existing one.

Only high-quality Italian material (various fabrics,leather, faux leather), quality padding and construction parts are used.Together with the form and style of the furniture, the fabric pattern dictates the interior design itself.


Designing represents a challenge of creating comfort and functionality, while respecting ergonomy and your values. Together, we can solve any dilemma you may have when it comes to space furnishing.

The main goal of consultations is to understand your needs, habits, what style,colours and textures suit you, so we can create a space that will make you happy.

Making a 3D model will provide us a clear picture of what you have imagined and present our suggestions to you. By using high-quality materials and fittings of renowned producers, we make your dreams come true without compromising. Numerous options, innovation and new technologies help you decide on the right solution for furnishing the entire space.

Assembly process

After the wood cutting, finishing (used for MDF and massive) and edge banding (for chipboard), the elements are prepared for assembling. Furniture assembly is done with precision, using high-quality tools and the latest techniques. The top of the notch fittings by ‘’Blum’’, ‘’Hettich’’,’’Peka’’ are used. Apart from wood and wood panels, we use all kinds of materials on a daily basis upon clients’ requests. The most commonly used for the kitchen counters are stone, composite materials (Granmatrix, Kerrock, Corian…), Fenix, Laminam, etc. We provide top-quality product by considering every detail and following the latest trends when it comes to manufacture, materials, fittings, new technologies and solutions.

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