About us

From idea to reality

At first, there was an idea. Step by step, with a lot of work and gathering experience, through learning and building trust based on confidence, good understanding and with precision, we turned the idea into reality. In addition, we made it happen by building and maintaining client relationships. We believe dreams come true!

Choosing the materials

According to your desires and needs, we introduce you to the types and colours of the materials. With the help of our team of professionals, we pick the right one for you.

Project designing

Having your desired home in mind, we create modern products and furniture pieces that will save your space, enrich it, and make it more functional. Variety of our clients is reflected in our designs.

Production and installation

Respecting the timeframe, in the final phase, our professional team assembles and installs your furniture. Our main goal is to give you even more of what you dreamed of.


The company ‘’ Sve u milimetar’’ was founded in 2014, Belgrade.

The company developed from a small carpentry that gathered several workers sharing the same vision and ambition- search for innovative manufacture solutions, with a simple and defined design form. All of it, led to the creation of modern and functional furniture that will enrich the living space and make house a home.

Today,‘’Sve u milimetar’’ is a company with a wide range of activities in the domain of interior furnishing. We provide services at the domestic and international market as well.
Our company enables your ideas, for either home or office space, and bring them to life.We are able to realise your visions, starting from the conceptual design to manufacturing, coordinating and organising, as a part of the turn-key project.

Services and manufacture activities:

  • Wood cutting of the chipboard, MDF, solid wood…
  • Edge banding
  • Wood painting
  • Upholstering

Tradition and experience

For almost two decades of wood working and manufacturing, we have succeeded to realise every clients’ desire with the help of our great professional team!

Our main activity is furnishing your home and office space. Everything you would like to modify, but do not know how, starting from the colour and material type, to the composition and vibrancy of it, we can make it happen. With the help of our architect, we create solutions that can be seen before the manufacturing process, before they are turned to reality. Respecting timeframes previously agreed on, we make your dreams come true.